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Snoring is an issue that plagues around 90 million Americans.  It can range from an unpleasant, minor annoyance, to a huge problem that causes partners to sleep in separate rooms. It can even disturb other people  when traveling and staying away from home. Here at Kaplan Sleep Solutions our goal is to help provide solutions for snoring no matter the severity.  To help get patients back in their own beds, have peace of mind when traveling, and give everyone a restful night's sleep.



Start your journey today. Stop snoring and start sleeping!

In order to properly treat snoring, you first need to understand why it happens.

Snoring is a harsh sound that is emitted at night from some people while they sleep. It typically occurs when the muscles and tissues in the throat relax after falling asleep, and vibrate against one another when air is inhaled. It can be both an annoyance to your bed partners, and also a possible indication of a deeper issue. 


Many people are under the impression that snoring is a normal occurrence (and it is for some!), however, excessive, loud, abrupt and gasping snoring on a nightly basis is anything but normal.

Lifestyles changes such as weight loss, avoidance (or reduction) of alcohol , and positional sleeping can sometimes reduce or eliminate snoring. 

4 Tips for Better Sleep




Keep your room cool and dark. 


Try to stay consistent with bedtimes and with morning wake ups.


Avoid large meals before bed.


Try to excerise at least 20 minutes per day

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