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Dental Sleep Devices

Better Sleep Means Better Days

Dental sleep devices were designed to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, and they come in many different forms. Their basic function is to re-position the lower jaw, which moves the muscles and tissues forward and that helps keep the airway clear.

All of our devices are custom fabricated, which means we take an impression of your mouth and the device is crafted to fit your unique anatomy. This increases effectiveness and comfort.  Learn more about specific dental devices in our Dental Devices 101 Blog

CPAP's are the number one prescribed treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, and when a patient can tolerate them they are very effective. Unfortunately many patients struggle to use them. They restrict movement at night, cause feelings of claustrophobia due to the face mask, or the machine can cause some respiratory issues if not cleaned regularly. 

That is where dental devices come in. They are suggested for patients that struggle to wear (or do not wish to wear) the CPAP machines.

Our sleep program was designed over years of experience, and Dr. Kaplan is very skilled at helping patients make the transition from treating snoring and sleep apnea with CPAPs to using the dental devices.  He also ensures each device is working properly by using complimentary  efficacy testing as a part of our dedicated sleep program. That way we know each patient's condition is being treated according to set standards.


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